Scholarships for MBBS In USA for Indian Students

MBBS in the USA is a postgraduate course which leads to an MD degree. Applicants have to pursue a pre-medical course for one or two years and then qualify to attend this course. MBBS in the USA is a premium course of study and one of the toughest ones too. All major countries accept this medical degree and applicants need not give an additional exam to practice as a doctor too.


The cost of studying MBBS in the USA may vary between INR 1.64 Crore to INR 2.46 Crores. Thus, in order to pursue this course, applicants will definitely need some financial aid to study in USA. let us check out the kind of scholarships available for Indian students in this article for 7-10 years long MBBS to MD culminating program in the USA.

US Universities Offering Medical Scholarships:
There are a handful of US universities which offer medical scholarships to international students. The scholarships are again partial and not fully funded. The following universities in the US offer scholarships for MBBS students:

Harvard University:
Harvard Medical School offers two major scholarships for its students, irrespective of residency and level of med school study. HMS scholarships are as follows for MBBS students:

University of Florida 

The following scholarships are offered at the University of Florida for MBBS applicants: 

UFL Scholarships for MBBS Students Details of Scholarships 
AMA Physicians of Tomorrow USD 10,000 tuition waiver scholarship offered to medical students in final year. 
Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Scholarship Year 3 or 4 of medical school with a demonstrated interest in the communication of science. Only 1 nominee is awarded from each school. Award offered USD 2,500 
M. A. Cartland Shackford Medical Fellowship Scholarship amount offered – USD 9,500 
Pisacano Leadership Foundation, Inc. Pisacano Scholars Program A 4th-year medical student committed to the speciality of family practice. Award granted up to USD 28,000 
Charles A. Lauffer Scholarship Loan 3rd or 4th-year medical student in good standing. USD 1,500 – USD 10,000 loan can be availed at 2% interest 
Map International International Fellowship Third & fourth-year med students, interns, and residents with clinical experience in the third world in a rural or urban setting. A minimum of 8 weeks must be spent on location. The award includes 100% airfare. 

American University of Antigua 

Here at the American University of Antigua, the maximum number of scholarships for the highest amounts in USA, for its medical school students. The following scholarships for MBBS students are offered at AUA: 

  • Provost Scholarships: those scoring 505 on the MCAT and a GPA of 3.50 and above are eligible for USD 100,000.  
  • Dean’s Achievement Award: around USD 80,000 award is given to those who score 505 or above on MCAT and should hold a UG degree. 
  • High Achiever’s Scholarship: Offers USD 90,000 to GPA scores between 3.71 and 3.80, USD 95,000 are awarded to GPA scores between 3.81 and 3.90 and 3.91 and 4.0 GPA scorers can get USD 100,000 as well. 
  • Success Scholarship: Those with GPAs between 3.00 and 3.70 can get USD 80,000. 

External Scholarships to Study MBBS in USA :

How to Apply for MBBS Scholarships in USA? 

Each university has its own process for filing and submitting an application. Applicants may have to file FAFSA as Indian students also if the need may be or they would have to apply within the admission application or maybe along with it, depending upon the case.  

Documents Required 

  • Original certificates of 10th and 12th grade 
  • Original degree or high school certificate or transcripts 
  • Official transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended 
  • Passport-sized photo 
  • Personal statement 
  • Resume / CV 
  • Application fee 
  • TOEFL or IELTS test score (if requested) 
  • NEET scorecard 

There are plenty of scholarships available for students to pursue MBBS in USA. These scholarships will prove beneficial in cutting down the tuition costs for an extensive course like MBBS and will help students cover their other costs as well. 

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