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The MacBook is a Macintosh notebook brand of computers manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. The laptop has been using Apple’s macOS operating system since 2006, whereby the brand replaced the iBook and PowerBook brands during the Mac transition to Intel processors in 2005. The name MacBook was brought about by an Apple employee Jef Raskin. Otherwise, the devices are just laptops, like we have Lenovo and Toshiba laptops. You will learn how to get a free MacBook shortly. 

Everybody deserves a computer, and a laptop is one of the most convenient types of computer. That is because you can carry it from one place to another conveniently. Despite being an important device, not everyone can afford to purchase one due to financial challenges. In our case, MacBooks are very expensive compared to other ordinary laptops. However, there are ways you can get a free MacBook to use for your activities.

There are various ways you can use a laptop or any other computer. First, the devices are essential for executing various tasks in your workplace. Almost every office you come by has a computer on the table. Again, plenty of people use computers at home to work online and entertain themselves. Moreover, the devices are essential for scholars as they need them to conduct their studies online.

Who are eligible to get a free MacBook

Various categories of people can qualify to get a free MacBook computer. They include the following.

i) Seniors

These are older adults of 65 years and above, most of them being retirees of various government parastatals and private companies. Such people do not have reliable income as they have no energy to work for money. However, we have wealthy seniors who may not qualify for free MacBooks or any other type of computer.

ii) Kids and adults from low-income households

Children, especially those attending high school, require laptops to execute their classwork. There are thousands of school-going children whose parents or guardians cannot afford computers and thus the need to help them get the crucial devices. Adults may also get free laptops if they prove that they qualify.

iii) The disabled

We have thousands of disabled people who require laptops yet cannot afford them because their nature cannot allow them to work to get enough money for the devices. Such people need help from society, and giving them free MacBooks can help them greatly. By the way, most disabled people can do light tasks that require computers.

The Genuine ways to get a free MacBook

There are various ways you can get a free MacBook for your various activities. They include the following.

1) Non-Governmental organizations

We have numerous non-Governmental organizations that offer free laptops to eligible applicants. You may be lucky to get a MacBook as long as you qualify. The following are the NGOs that offer free laptops.

i) With Causes

If you need a free laptop, check one from With Causes. The nonprofit organization gives needy households computers, laptops, and other devices. You can apply fast on the organization’s website and easily meet With Causes volunteers who act quickly to determine your eligibility.

To apply for a free MacBook, you have to fill out the application and explain your needs for them to weigh your issue and see if they can give you a free device. You will need to give them your contact details and get a response once they’ve reviewed your file. You need to note that getting a MacBook with an NGO is by chance as they offer what is available. In short, you cannot choose what you want but wait to get what they offer you. To apply, you should visit their Withcauses website with your phone or computer.

ii) Computers with Causes

 Computers with Causes is another nonprofit organization you should consider for your application. The organization provides refurbished laptops and desktop computers at no cost to those in need. Suppose you are a student or a returning military veteran. In that case, you can qualify for a MacBook or any other laptop through the organization.

For you to get approved, you have to provide them with some details about yourself to get approved. After submitting your application, the Board of Directors reviews the details provided and then reviews their inventory. If they see a need to help you, then they can contact you within 30 days. You can visit the Computerswithcauses online and apply.

iii) Everyone On

If you are from a low-income family, you can apply for a free laptop from Everyone On. you never know, as they may give you a MacBook for free once you qualify. The organization also helps people on a low income to get low-cost internet service.

Everyone On works with various businesses and ISPs to help low-income families. The requirements vary based on the program you fall into. Like the others, you can apply for the program online at the Everyoneon website.

iv) The On It Foundation

If you have a student in the public K-12 education system in the U.S., then you can apply for a free laptop from the On It Foundation. Children can qualify if they get free or reduced lunch. Also, suppose your household received government benefits such as Lifeline, Medicaid, SNAP, etc. In that case, you can qualify for a free computer from the On It Foundation.

Also, if you do not qualify for a free laptop from the NGO, you can get a discount on your most preferred laptop via the Jump On It! Program. Therefore, you do not have to pay large amounts to buy a computer in big shops. You can check their website to find out if you qualify.

v) National Cristina Foundation

Another crucial non-governmental organization you can get a free laptop from is the National Cristina Foundation. You must show that you need to get a free laptop. The organization strives to promote technology reuse by educating the public and businesses that technology resources can develop human potential.”

Therefore, businesses can donate their used computers and other tech devices to the foundation to give to those in need. Unlike other NGOs that may work with individuals, the National Cristina Foundation works with communities in their aid program. You can see their site to see if you qualify.

vi) PCs for People

PCs for People is another legitimate nonprofit organization that provides computers to eligible persons. It also provides low-cost internet to qualifying people. PCs for People is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, and it comes with licensed copies of Windows 10. You may be lucky to get a MacBook from the organization if you apply.

To apply, you must be below the 200% poverty level or a direct beneficiary of the income-based assistance program from the federal government. You will also need to show a photo ID plus proof of eligibility. You can see more on the organization’s website.

vii) Freecycle

We cannot talk about NGOs offering free laptops and leave out Freecycle. The platform allows people to find free items in their area, and you can easily find a computer to use for your activities. The site allows you to join through your area and invite more and more people to join the platform. Once you become a member, you will meet people with free items to offer.

They can be free clothes, computers, laptops, and so on. Therefore, you can request a free laptop from the organization, and members willing to give one will liaise with you as long as you show that you are in need.

2) Join an online college

If you are searching for a free MacBook, you may join an online college offering free laptops. Numerous online colleges give free laptops. They include the following.

  • American National University
  • Full Sail University
  • Moravian University
  • Bethel University
  • Chatham University
  • Strayer University
  • The University of Minnesota Crookston

You may also get other devices such as Ipads from online colleges for free.

3) Check out from your local library

Various libraries can offer low-cost laptops and sometimes for free to the needy. If there is a public library near your place, you can try to find a free MacBook from such places and enjoy various activities.

Also, you may get a MacBook laptop at the library to use for free and leave it there once you have finished. Most public libraries also offer free internet, which you can use for your studies or work and leave.

4) Ask your friends and relatives to help you

Even though MacBook laptops are costly, people are still willing to give them for free. If you have a relative who can afford a device, you can ask them to buy one for you. They may also give you an old device that they no longer use.

How to avoid free laptop scams

Numerous online platforms are claiming to offer free laptops to the needy. You need to understand that not all are genuine, and you may fall into a trap. Some may ask you to give your card details for them to deposit money to buy a laptop only to steal from you. You must do a background check of any organization claiming to offer free laptops or any other kind of gift.

Bottom line

The MacBook is a Macintosh notebook brand of computers manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. The laptop has been using Apple’s macOS operating system since 2006, whereby the brand replaced the iBook and PowerBook brands during the Mac transition to Intel processors in 2005.

The devices are usually helpful for work, entertainment, and so on. Since they are expensive, not everybody can afford them, yet they need them. You can easily get a free MacBook from various NGOs.

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