Buy this portable mini fridge

Buy this portable mini fridge for less than 3 thousand

Buy this portable mini fridge for less than 3k It’s going to be hot and you’re going to need a fridge too. So there are many freezing options on the market. You get many types of refrigerators, from single door to instant refrigerators, but we have brought you the option of a portable refrigerator. You can also call it a mini fridge.

What is the specialty?

Buy this portable mini fridge for less than 3 thousand If you want to go somewhere for a walk or cool a cold drink in the car, this fridge can be very useful for you. You can also use it in the office. This small device will not only work as a refrigerator, but you can also use it as a heater. You get both cold and warm variants. You can thus cool your drink and you can also heat the water in it.

Mini fridge price

Buy this portable mini fridge under 3k We have found one such product on Amazon which comes at a very low price. You can buy the GEN Portable Electric Fridge from Amazon for Rs 2999. Its size is 10x10x10 cm. You can also use this mini fridge with a volume of 7 liters in the car. However, you won’t get a freezer option in it.

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How can you use it?

You can connect it to your car with a DC cable. Right next to the DC port, you get hot and no cold options to turn it into a portable fridge or even a heater. You also get a cup holder on top. The mini fridge has a space of 7 liters in which you can keep a lot of things. It can also be used in the office together with the car. This product is available on Amazon for 25% off. Its list price is Rs 3999 which becomes Rs 2999 after the discount is introduced. It weighs 490 grams and is listed as ‘Made in India’.

Updated: December 5, 2022 — 11:47 am

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